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The Moon gives growth of all things and the light of the Moon is dependent upon the Sun, therefore, the growth and realization of any productive yoga, whether one that grants success, wealth, marriage, children, or anything else, is dependent upon the Moon's placement from the Sun, which indicates the level of preparedness with which the native meets the fructification of a productive yoga.

These three yogas are not meant to indicate the full measure of the native's wealth, intelligence and skill, but only to indicate the measure of wealth, intelligence and skill the native has upon the initiation of a productive yoga with which to bring the results of the yoga to fruition. When Sama Yoga mediocre yoga is present the Moon is in a panaphara from the Sun.

Nature of person based on YOGA

Panapharas represent receptivity of an activity. Therefore, in horoscope with the Moon in a panaphara from the Sun, the native is relatively well prepared to be receptive to what is to transpire upon the fruition of a good yoga.

जन्म के समय का योग और स्वभाव

The results being they are relatively well prepared and have a reasonable amount of the resourcefulness, education and skillfulness required upon the initiation of a good yoga to smoothly bring things to fruition. Astro Vedic Yogas Time line of Life! Create account or Sign in.

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They will be successful if they pursue a career with the Army. Constitutionally the person will be strong.

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“Use the negative yogas to your advantage” – Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

A wonderful person with simple remedies and advice. I have been consulting Akash Bhaiya for more than 5 years. Every time I got satisfied and authentic solutions of my queries. He always address my problem and give considerable time to resolve it. He is a very generous person with excellent communication skill and have deep knowledge of Astrology. Thanks for providing such information. It's really a nice step to retain our culture.

Know Your Personality As Per Your Nitya Yoga

I have been consulting Sir since almost 4 years now. It has always been accurate for me. His ways of explaining are accurate and logical that actually correlates to reality. Thanks to all the guidance. Nice good. Rating: 5 Johny.


Ur site is very useful to me. His moon is in the nakshatra of Purnavasu. He is recognized for a very moon related theme, his teaching on how to to merge the mind into the heart centre, dissolving the ego, sense of "I" and was an example of simplicity in character and living purnavasu theme.

He was born in the tithi of Dwitiya, an embodiment of joy and infinite energy, and in the karana Taitula relating to all types of communication. He was often able to communicate profound messages to others through silence, or non speech, but when he spoke it was to help others understand the methods by which the mind could be brought under control. He also had a talent for construction and building, having played a great part in the building of his ashram. His Nitya yoga was Indra, and he was indeed a great chief and leader. This is connected to Ardra nakshatra, and one could say his intellectual prowess was quite strong even though he was not academic.

He died on the eve of 14th April At that time moon was passing through the constellation of Purvabhadrapada, a nakshatra associated with death and endings. It was a Friday ruled by Venus, venus being his avayogi planet or point of vulnerable weakness. Venus is also a maraka planet, and his 9th lord, so embodied alot of his divine beneficence also.

A bout V eno. Pratipada - Deity - Agni - Growth, new enterprise, learning, being industrious 2. Dwitiya - Deity - Brahma - Joy 3. Tritiya - Deity - Gauri - Courage, good speech 4.