Soulmate astrology compatibility

Without water, the Earth becomes cracked and barren think a desert. Of course, there are many more aspects that go into astrology love compatibility. To dive deeper, you should really consider having an entire astrology compatibility chart done on you and your potential Mr. Finding the person that is perfect for you is not an easy task. You may meet a person that appears to complement you on every level.

  • Finding Your Soulmate with Astrology Love Compatibility.
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  • Incompatibly Compatible Soulmates.

However, during the early stages of a relationship, things usually seem rosy. To really determine if you will be compatible in the long run, keep reading to see if you and your partner have a true astrology match. Most people know that there are 12 signs in the Western Zodiac and reading horoscopes is a fun way to get some basic information about your day or month.

But the study of astrology actually goes much deeper than that. Here we are going to focus at a high level on the Sun Sign, i. What happens if both partners are the same sign? Well, depending upon the dominate traits of each person it could go either way. Where do you and your mate or potential mate fit? What if you are a Scorpio and your potential mate is a Gemini? According to this data, you are incompatible. You are not an astrology match. But, luckily for you, a lot of information goes into how this information is determined and many other factors are taken into account when you get a more detailed analysis in your astrology birth chart.

Whether you fit in either section above, a more detailed analysis will help you see where your traits do and do not complement each other.

Astrology and Soulmates

To see if you and your partner are truly right for each other, get a more detailed analysis and find out if you make a true astrology match. Can a Leo live with a Libra? Can a Cancer co-habitate with a Capricorn? What kind of a person would you be happiest with in the long run? You can find out with an Astrology Compatiblity Chart. Have you ever been in a relationship that just seemed like so much work? Example of a Natal Birth Chart. It could be that his or her astrology birth chart did jive with yours. Through an astrology compatibility chart, you can gain insight into a relationship.

You will better understand the strengths as well as the challenges so you can maximize your happiness. You will better understand how to work around potential conflicts and create harmony.

Soulmate - Test Your Match with Partner

For example, did you know if you were born a Leo from July 21st to August 21st , you probably will have a difficult relationship with a Scorpio someone born from October 21st to November 21st? But a Leo probably would get along better with a Sagittarius or Aries right off the bat. An astrology compatibility chart will tell you why. You can download these compatibility charts in several places online.

What you will need to know beforehand is your birth date, birth time hour, minute a. What you will get back is an analysis of both birth charts that interprets the astrological connection between the both of you.

This is also called Synastry or the art of relationship astrology. It has been around for several thousand years. Through synastry, you will discover your similarities as well as your differences.

Twin Flames (and Twin Souls)

But finding your sexual soulmate isn't easy. Personally, I think it might even be more difficult than finding your romantic soulmate , if that's a concept in which you believe. With sexual desires, wants, needs, and fetishes running the gamut, to find someone right there on the exact same page as you is quite a feat.

  • Finding Your Soulmate with Astrology Love Compatibility.
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So, if you're ready to drop everything you're doing right now and go out there and find your sexual soulmate, you can start by looking to astrology and the zodiac signs you're most compatible with in bed. Here are your sexual soulmates, based on your sign, because opposites really can attract.

It might seem a bit strange that two stubborn signs could be sexual soulmates, but the sexual intensity between Aries and Taurus make it so even orgasms are secondary to the sexual experience and journey they have along the way. Well, we already know why Aries and Taurus make for sexual soulmates, but Taurus and Taurus are also sexual soulmates. Not only do they perfectly understand what the other needs to truly feel satisfied without having to say a single word, but when two Taurus come together for the first time, it's not like anything either one of them have ever experienced in their life.

For the most part, finding the right fit for Gemini is trying, because they can be immature when it comes to sex. That being said, when Gemini and Leo come together it's an exciting combination of creativity and energy. It's in being so opposite from each other that Capricorn and Cancer aren't just sexual soulmates, but great lovers , too. Their desire for each other runs deep and they can never quite get enough of what the other has to offer sexually.

Considered the "most passionate and explosive couples," sex between Leo and Aquarius is out of this world. While they're not exactly great relationship material, when it comes to sex things fall into place perfectly, in that they look at sex in the same way , which keeps them on the same page. A definite must for sexual soulmates. Virgo tends to keep their sexuality on the DL compared to Scorpio who just puts it all out there — this is why these two are sexual soulmates. The complete oppositeness of these two signs make for a tumultuous sexual union and one that can definitely get a little kinky.

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A fellow Libra is a great sexual soulmate because they'll be on hte same page when it comes to sex positions. As for Scorpio, the opposite planets that rule Libra and Scorpio make them sexual soulmates because it brings out the inner animal in each of them. Sexually, they're made for each other, especially since Scorpio can dirty things up for Libra in a way that another Libra can't, making them soulmates but in a completely different way that Libra and Libra are soulmates. While we've already covered why Virgo and Scorpio, and Libra and Scorpio are sexual soulmates, let's focus on how Scorpio and Scorpio are sexual soulmates.

Look at you, Scorpio! So many matches, so little time! When it comes to sexual soulmate probability between a Scorpio and a Scorpio, it's hit or miss. While two Scorpios can come together and experience mindblowing sex that neither will forget, there's also the chance that it could be the complete opposite. So, yes, two Scorpios can be sexual soulmates, but it depends on who those Scorpios are. Sagittarius and Aquarius are sexual soulmates , because they're both open to experimenting and exploring — something not all signs are willing to do.

They're also able to communicate about sex in a way that's clearer than most and their sexual connection is so deep that they can enjoy all realms of sex, even if intercourse isn't on the menu. Just as Capricorn is Cancer's soulmate , it goes in the other direction, too. The passion that these two awaken in each other is almost other worldly and the possibilities that could come out of such a sexual union are endless. Not only is Sagittarius sexual soulmates with Aquarius see above , but Aquarius and Aquarius are the sexual soulmates that make everyone else in the zodiac look like a bunch of prudes.

When together, these two are all about experimenting, fulfilling fantasies , and indulging in the sexual stuff that might make some people wince and cringe. But it's all good for Aquarius and Aquarius; they're on the same page, having a good time, and that's all that matters.