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I came across this wonderful article today. I strongly recommend it. But it is not so simple. In other words, it is the average number of years that a newborn baby can expect to live in a given society at a given time. But life expectancy at birth is an unhelpful statistic if the goal is to compare the health and longevity of adults.

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That is because a major determinant of life expectancy at birth is the child mortality rate which, in our ancient past, was extremely high, and this skews the life expectancy rate dramatically downward. Related Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

Ancient Astrological Length of Life Techniques vs the Average Longevity in Today’s Modern World

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Girolamo Cardano 16 th century Italian; one of the best Astrology practitioners, doctors and mathematicians in the world There are a lot of misconceptions about Astrology. It was found that once infant mortality rates were removed, life span was calculated to between 70 and 80 years, the same rate as that found in contemporary industrialised societies. The difference is that, in the latter, most individuals survive childhood Kanazawa, Share this: Twitter Facebook Skype Print.

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Could a competent, experienced astrologer have predicted the sudden accidental death of actress Natasha Richardson? Tremblant, Quebec on March 16th At the time of the accident, transiting Mars at 2 degrees Pisces was opposite her natal Uranus, secondary progressed Uranus, and secondary progressed Midheaven, all clustered at degrees Virgo.

Predicting sudden death through astrology

Any transit from Mars to natal Uranus but especially the difficult squares and oppositions are naturally a time when accidents are much more likely to happen. Furthermore, Mars was passing through her Fifth House… recreational activities. Specifically, the language of Vedic Astrology.

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Certain features in the Vedic chart also stand out as a warning. This is a time that is relatively hard to predict for, and where even ordinary things can go wrong. But among other things, it is a time to beware Mars issues… which includes sporting accidents. I declare loud and clear that I believe the point of studying your birth chart is to someday move onto the other side and transcend it. Then, I make a loud spectacle of ripping the chart in half.

It honestly doesn't make much logical sense to me that the birth chart will continue to live on in the afterlife and be accessible as a tool to check up on our loved one.

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Besides, when the soul decides to reincarnate, he or she will obviously have a completely different birth chart. Who is to say when one chart ends and the other begins? We just don't know! True, an argument can be made that the date, time of death and location a person was at when they passed can become the death chart and that this chart can be followed.

But why drive yourself this crazy? I think this type of thinking takes the focus away from the point of studying Astrology in the first place. We're not here to figure out all the answers about the greater meaning of life and how we fit into that mystery. We're here to ask the questions.

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